Exact Copies

Making a scrollMany players own, or are loaned very fine old instruments. These can be very rewarding to play, but they also can be extremely valuable and to some extent fragile. Chris Johnson offers the service of making exact copies of particular instruments.

This is a long and painstaking exercise and he aims to capture the look, sound and feel of an old favourite. The result is a robust and 'roadworthy' copy that can be used with more abandon and less worry than the original.
In order to make the copy, he needs to have the original in his workshop for approximately one week in order to make casts and take photographs, etc.

Shown left - Making a copy of a scroll by William Baker, 1683. Made for the Baker Quartet

Exact copies

Shown on the right is an original and the copy. The top instrument is an original by Jacob Stainer, 1671.

Below is the Chris Johnson copy, made in 1997, for Diane Terry.
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